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ACCC Urges Parties to Invest in Colleges and Institutes

March 31, 2011 — Canada’s colleges and institutes call on all parties to increase investment in post-secondary education and applied research.

“Canada’s economic future depends on a workforce with advanced skills and innovation smarts. In this election, Canada’s colleges are asking all parties to put post-secondary education on their list of top priorities,” says James Knight, President and CEO of ACCC. “Owing to Canada’s demographic deficit and the increasing technological complexity of the workplace, we are facing an economic outlook of ‘people without jobs and jobs without people’.”

ACCC has released a five-point plan for federal action on post-secondary education calling on the next government to:

  • Initiate a national dialogue on how to increase our post-secondary participation rate.
  • Increase transfers to provinces and territories for college education.
  • Invest in applied research undertaken by colleges with private sector partners.
  • Invest in higher education for Aboriginal learners.
  • Market colleges abroad and increase offshore learning opportunities for Canadian students.

“With 70% of jobs already requiring post-secondary education and with millions of baby boomers retiring, we will see a ‘lose-lose’ scenario of a labour shortage and high unemployment if we don’t increase investment in post-secondary education,” Knight says. “In this election, we urge voters and parties to focus on higher education and the role of colleges as key economic drivers.”

ACCC has launched an election website providing details on its five-point plan at

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For more information:

Debby Duford
Communications Officer
Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Tel.: (613) 746-2222, ext. 3116

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