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Colleges and Institutes welcome the Canada First Research Excellence Fund

Ottawa, December 4, 2014 – Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) welcomes the launch of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. This federal initiative will help post-secondary institutions further develop research capacities that benefit all Canadians.

The Fund is a $1.5 billion legacy investment to enable Canadian post-secondary institutions to excel globally in research areas that create long-term economic advantages for Canada. Its aim is to position Canada’s post-secondary institutions to compete with the best in the world for talent and breakthrough discoveries.

“As engines of economic growth, our network of colleges and institutes across Canada are supporting private-sector innovation by partnering with small-and medium-sized businesses to transform knowledge into practical applications that open new markets and create jobs”, says Denise Amyot, President and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada. “This new federal investment will further leverage the capacity of colleges and institutes to assist the private sector to improve, refine or adapt products, technology or processes to meet client needs.”

Building on a half-century of experience, Canada’s colleges and institutes embody an enormous concentration of expertise on the application of technology to process improvement and product development. By focusing research on product development, prototyping, business incubation, model simulations and commercialization, they address real-world challenges, and produce the highly-skilled talent needed to apply and sustain an innovative practices workforce. Colleges and institutes are an important player in Canada’s research continuum and their diverse applied research projects contribute to Canada’s global productivity and competitiveness.

Colleges and Institutes Canada is the national and international voice of Canada’s publicly supported colleges, institutes and polytechnics. We work with industry and social sectors to train 1.5 million learners of all ages and backgrounds at campuses serving over 3,000 urban, rural and remote communities in Canada. The Association operates in 29 countries via 13 offices around the world.




For more details about the announcement, see the government of Canada’s news release.


For more information contact:

Julien Abord-Babin
Senior Strategic Communications Officer
Colleges and Institutes Canada
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