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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We are making some adjustments to Colleges in the News in an effort to serve you better. Going forward, we will focus more on top stories of the day rather than a laundry list of recent coverage.  We would also appreciate your assistance by sending us links to stories that are published about your college or institute to Not all stories will be shared, but we will focus on those of interest to the widest possible audiences. 

Nous apportons des changements aux Articles d’actualité afin de mieux vous servir.  Dorénavant, les articles porteront sur les nouvelles les plus importantes dans le réseau collégial plutôt qu’une longue liste de tous les articles.  Nous vous serions reconnaissants de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir les hyperliens vers les articles publiés ou les nouvelles de votre collège à l’adresse

Lakeland receives grant for agriculture research
Lloydminster Source
Lakeland College will continue to be a leader in the agricultural industry after a $2.3 million grant was awarded to the school from the Government of Canada’s College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program on Friday. The five-year Innovation Enhancement grant will see $500,000 come to the school for each of the first three years and $400,000 for each of the final two, helping to expand the school’s agricultural applied research projects. The research will focus on three specific areas including livestock energy and nutritional efficiency, enhancing crop management and advancing the bioeconomy. But more importantly, it puts the students in the position to work with some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Un «bulletin» presque parfait pour Vincent Guay
La Nouvelle Union
Le conseil d’administration du cégep de Victoriaville a accepté de renouveler pour 5 ans (2014 à 2019) le mandat du directeur général, Vincent Guay, en poste depuis 2004. Le président du conseil, Jean Lambert, précise que la recommandation des instances de consultation était unanime, que M. Guay affiche un «excellent bulletin». «Mais pas parfait!» Et que manque-t-il au D.G., M. Lambert? Il répond que puisque Vincent Guay siège à 24 comités différents, comme à la Conférence régionale des élus, à la Table éducation du Centre-du-Québec, à l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (pour ne nommer que ces trois instances), il se fait moins présent au cégep de Victoriaville.

David Walls selected as College of the Rockies’ seventh President
College of the Rockies
The Board of Governors of College of the Rockies is pleased to announce the appointment of David Walls as the College’s seventh President and Chief Executive Officer. Walls will assume his position as President and CEO of College of the Rockies on August 19, 2013, succeeding current President and CEO Dr. Nick Rubidge who is retiring after twelve years as President and with 40 years’ experience in BC’s post-secondary education sector.

High number of college graduates lowers Canada’s youth unemployment, OECD report says
Globe and Mail
Canadian students have weathered a difficult global recession better than most of their peers, thanks in large part to world-leading participation rates in higher education and strong vocational training, says a report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Canada continues to top the list of all OECD countries with 51 per cent of its adult population holding a postsecondary degree or diploma, bolstered by high numbers of graduates from community colleges, according to the OECD’s 440-page Education at a Glance 2013. Countries with more young people coming out of vocationally focused programs “succeeded in reducing the risk of unemployment,” the report says, and Canada was no exception as unemployment rates for most groups stayed comfortably below OECD averages.

Flooding at new Bow Valley College campus creates issues for thousands of students
Metro Calgary
Bow Valley College’s newly unveiled south campus has flooding in at least three floors of its parkade and it’s unclear when its doors will reopen, a spokesperson said Monday. Dave McLean said while the institution’s north campus is in good shape, it has no power and a shutdown of the college’s entire online network is posing issues for 5,000 of its own students as well as some with the University of Lethbridge, Athabasca and Olds College.

Council approves $1.3M for college plans
Chatham Daily News
Believing it will pay off in the long run, Chatham-Kent council approved a maximum $1.3-million contribution to St. Clair College for educational programs at the Capitol Theatre annex. During Monday’s meeting, council heard the college plans to provide baking, police foundations, protection, security and investigation courses out of the King Street West building. The money will come from the 2012 operating surplus and the strategic development reserve. Details will be included in a future report. West Kent Coun. Bryon  Fluker said municipalities commonly partner with educational institutions in such ways. “Certainly for many people it will be controversial,” he said.