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CICan welcomes changes to the Canada Student Grants Program

Ottawa, April 7, 2015 – Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is pleased to learn of the federal government’s intention to expand eligibility for the Canada Student Grants for students enrolled in short-duration educational programs. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced these new measures today in Vancouver.

The enhancements aim to make post-secondary education more accessible to students in low- and middle-income families, and help Canadians acquire or upgrade their skills, making it easier for them to enter the workforce. CICan agrees that in order to achieve these goals it is essential to support students enrolled in short-duration educational programs such as certificates or apprenticeships.

“Making education and training more accessible is a winning strategy for all Canadians”, said CICan President and CEO, Denise Amyot. “We are glad to learn that even more students will be eligible for Canada Student Grants, including those seeking job-oriented training and returning students looking to upgrade their skills or transition to a new career.”

“These changes represent an important step in the right direction,” added Amyot. “However we feel that a stronger focus on public colleges and institutes would make this investment even more efficient as they remain the key providers of technical and applied education in Canada.”

Beginning in 2016-2017, Canada Student Grants will be made available to qualifying low- and middle-income students enrolled in educational programs with a minimum duration of 34 weeks. Currently, students must be enrolled in an educational program with a minimum duration of 60 weeks to qualify.

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