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Call for Presentations: Pre-Conference Forum for Colleges Serving Rural, Remote and Northern Communities

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2019 Pre-Conference for Colleges Serving Rural, Remote and Northern Communities

Sustainability of Campuses in Small Communities

May 2 – 4, 2019
Owen Sound, ON
Hosted by Georgian College

Rural, remote, and northern communities play a crucial role in growing the Canadian economy. Colleges and institutes support social, cultural and economic development as well as skills development in these regions through their strong connections with communities and industry. However, economic, demographic and institutional transformations are posing new challenges for these communities and as such, the colleges and institutes must develop new innovative strategies and approaches at different levels including: delivery of training programs, creation of new partnerships, support of innovation through applied research, entrepreneurship mindset and attraction of new talent.


The Pre-conference Forum will be an opportunity to:

  • Explore, identify and share strategies, best practices and models that colleges and institutes
    could adapt and adopt to make their small regional campuses sustainable;
  • Learn from other communities about social innovation, economic development and entrepreneurship solutions from a sustainability standpoint.


This interactive and stimulating Pre-Conference Forum is for leaders, researchers and representatives from Colleges, Institutes, Universities, Municipalities, Economic Development agencies, Indigenous Organizations, Industry, and Community Organizations.


Theme and key topics

The overall theme of this year Pre-conference is Sustainability of Campuses in Small Communities: keeping in mind the importance of inclusion and the diversity of learners and underrepresented groups such as newcomers and Indigenous people. The proposals should be on the following topics:

• Engaging and recruiting underrepresented groups
• Supporting student success (academic supports, transportation, housing, childcare)
• Affordability
• Strategic partnerships
• Online, video and distance education
• Effective use of cohort models
• Continuous intake approaches
• Flexible policies and processes
• Experiential learning

Community and Economic Development
• Forecasting workforce training needs
• Partnerships with other colleges and/or universities
• Encouraging partnerships between institutions, municipalities and business and industry
• Becoming welcoming communities
• Indigenous organizations and communities
• Internationalization of communities
• Partnering on brand/region awareness

• Postsecondary institutions with entrepreneurial programming and hubs/incubators
• Partnerships on entrepreneurship grants and funding
• Experiential learning
• Rural entrepreneurship research centres
• Embedding entrepreneurial competencies into all programs

Research and Innovation
• Applied research in social innovation – case studies
• Social innovation in rural, remote and northern communities
• Changemaking
• Partnerships with industry and community

Program Mix
• Program Delivery Models
• Unique signature programs
• Pathways programs
• Continuing education campuses and programs
• Marketing of programs and campus

Faculty Attraction and Retention
• Attracting and retaining a diverse faculty
• Mobility program.

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Deadline to submit presentations: March 15, 2019

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