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Pacific Alliance EFE Program: Call for Proposals

The fifth round of Call for Proposals to offer technical assistance for CICan’s Pacific Alliance Education for Employment Program (PA-EFE) is ready to be launched! This Program is funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented in four Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru).

The CICan member institution, ideally working with a consortium of other CICan member institutions and possible other Canadian partner organizations (such as a sectorial council or provincial/federal relevant ministries), will collaborate with PA-EFE lead Ministries in each Pacific Alliance member nation to:

  • Develop or strengthen sector-level organizations or initiatives that promote dialogue and cooperation among the key labour market stakeholders to address skills and labour market development issues, and/or;
  • Support the development or implementation of national or sector-level qualification frameworks.

The Consortium will also work at the regional level, directing a part of its resources to supporting knowledge exchange and cooperation at the regional level among the Pacific Alliance countries in these two areas.

We look forward to your participation! The deadline to submit a Concept Paper for Round 5 is June 14th, 2019. Download the submission package here.