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Call for Expressions of Interest: CICan Inclusive Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways Project

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) invites its member colleges and institutes to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to implement a framework for inclusive pre-apprenticeship programs and evaluate its short-term program outcomes for people from equity-deserving groups, including Indigenous peoples, newcomers, women, persons with disabilities and youth.

Through this call for expressions of interest, CICan will select five member institutions to deliver the Inclusive Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways Program in two rural locations, two urban locations and an Indigenous community for equity-deserving groups in skilled pre-trade programs. Selected institutions will adapt a pre-apprenticeship program and implement inclusive practices through participation in an Implementation Group with other selected institutions across Canada.

What’s in it for your college or institute?

Participate in an Implementation Group with other CICan member colleges and institutes to adapt and implement important program components that will be tailored and delivered through each pilot site and respective of each participating target group;

Build collaborative pathways between academics, community leadership and employers to strengthen connections to support services and programs people from under-served, equity-seeking groups; and

Build its capacity to better serve and support Indigenous People, newcomers, people with disabilities, women and youth to make informed career decisions to transition from pre-trade programs to advanced training opportunities or employment in the trade sector.

The following submission form must be submitted by Wednesday, June 22, 2022 (EDT).

For more information about the Inclusive Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways Program or about the EOI, please contact Florence Touré, Director, Projects and Programs, Government and Stakeholder Partnerships

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Which of the following underrepresented groups would you like to reach as part of the pilot implementation?

Complete the following description of the proposed pre-apprenticeship program you would like to adapt and implement as part of this project. (35%)

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