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Call for Expressions of Interest: Building Capacity for Workers in Long Term Care

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) invites its members to submit an Expression of Interest to participate in an inter-institutional collaboration to develop and implement an accelerated online training program for Personal Care Provider Assistants (PCPA).

Submission deadline: November 30th, 2020 at 5 PM (EST)

For more information, please contact Florence Touré, Director, Project Delivery,

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Although the shortage of workers has been a long-standing and well documented challenge in long term care settings, the current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the devastating impact of chronic staff shortages across Canada. This crisis requires new and dramatic short-term interventions.

To respond to this acute need, CICan is coordinating the development and implementation of an accelerated online training program with a field placement to train PCPAs and to provide a pathway for graduates to transition and become fully credentialed Personal Care Providers (PCPs). This initiative is critical as employers struggle to staff their organizations and educators are challenged to develop and rapidly deploy online curriculum that is engaging and effective.

The project objectives include, to:

  • Develop a flexible and accelerated online training and paid placement program to prepare unemployed and underemployed Canadians to work as PCPAs in the long-term and home care sector across the country;
  • Provide training and employment opportunities to unemployed individuals or displaced workers who are financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis by matching new PCPAs who have completed the online training with employers, and providing wage subsidies to employers that provide new PCPA with a work placement;
  • Contribute to reducing the longer-term labour shortage in the long-term and home care sector by developing and implementing a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and bridging—in framework that offers a possible pathway to full certification for PCPAs who pursue additional training subsequent to the project; and
  • Conduct research and stakeholder consultations for the development of pan-Canadian occupational standards and/or a core competency framework for PCPs and facilitate a process to advance its validation and adoption.

To meet the objectives listed, the project has been divided into three distinct blocks. Institutions will be invited to participate in some or all of the blocks and be compensated accordingly.

Block Activity Participation opportunity for CICan members Supporting documents
1 Program Design and Development:

  • Pre-assessment and Recognition Framework
  • 6-week online Training Curriculum Development
  • 4-month Paid Work Placement Criteria and Specifications
  • Working Group
  • Lead institution 1: Online Training Curriculum Development
  • Lead Institution 2: Pre-assessment and Recognition Framework
  • Lead Institution 3: Paid Work Placement Criteria and Specifications
Download (PDF)
2 Program Delivery:

  • Recruitment Campaign
  • Student intakes
  • Delivery of online content
  • Wrap-around learning and workplace readiness support
  • Student matching with LTC/Home care employers
  • Placement support
Delivery Institutions Download (PDF)
3 Competency Framework Development:

  • Research
  • Consultations/focus groups
  • National Occupational Standards Development
  • Competency Framework Development
  • Framework validation and adoption process
Competency Framework Working Group Download (PDF)

CICan is seeking financial support from the Government of Canada to support the activities described above. Once funding is secured, formal agreements will be established between CICan and the selected colleges and institutes.

Project Assumptions

  • The nomenclature of Personal Care Providers includes Health Care Aide, Health Care Assistant, Continuing Care Assistant, Personal Support Worker, Home support worker/personal care attendant, Home and Continuing Care Worker, Residential Care Worker, and Home Care Assistant.
  • Eligible participants only include members of Colleges and Institutes Canada.
  • Program to focus on both community and aggregate care of the elderly.
  • Colleges and institutes may participate in one or more blocks and activities.
  • Resources and materials shared as part of this project will be made available as Open Education Resources.

Apply to be part of the team. Interested colleges and institutes must express their interest in participating in the working group and/or taking on one of the lead institution roles and confirm the availability of the assigned staff to deliver the activities within the timelines. Please note that colleges and institutes may apply for more than one role but three different institutions will be selected for the lead institution roles.

To support the work of the working groups, CICan will use its cloud-based collaborative space to facilitate the collaboration and communication among the working group members.

Guidelines and format for submitting your expression of interest

Colleges and institutes are invited to participate in one or all of the Blocks described in this project. The proposal must be submitted by filling out the proposal form. The form must be signed by the appropriate signing authority in your institution.

Selection Process

A committee comprised of CICan Management Team members and external stakeholders will review the proposals within two weeks of the submission deadline. The committee will evaluate and score all proposals based on the criteria defined below. A scoring grid with weighted scores for each criterion will be used for this purpose.

Once a decision has been made, the results of the selection process will be communicated to all those who submit a proposal.


Block Opportunity Timeline
1 Working group The working group will complete the majority of work within the first 6 months but may be prevailed upon for the occasional meeting.
1 Lead institutions 1, 2 and 3 Two months of full-time commitment required from the project start date and ongoing support as required, until the end of the project.
2 Delivery Institutions Ongoing involvement from project start to March 2022.
3 Competency framework working group Ongoing involvement from April 2021 to March 2022


Important note : Budgets presented below are estimates only and are subject to change should the funding agreement be confirmed by the Government of Canada.

Block Opportunity Estimated available budget
1 Working group Up to $10,000/participating institution
1 Lead institution 1 Up to $220,000
1 Lead institutions 2 and 3 Up to $30,000
2 Delivery Institutions Up to $3,000/student
3 Competency framework working group Up to $10,000/institution


For more information, please contact Florence Touré, Director, Project Delivery,

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