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August 2020

1. SDG Spotlight

Sustainability Consultations

Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia

Between the months of May and June of this year, the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Sustainability Team met virtually with over 150 staff members, which includes management staff, from 13 NSCC campuses. The meeting allowed the facilitation of a dialogue on how departments can work together to support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The participants were also able to discuss how this SDG-aligned work relates to NSCC’s strategic vision. The discussions focused on how the various departments can set measurable goals that ultimately aim to advance various SDGs.

Sustainable Development Week 

Collège Montmorency, Quebec 

Since 2018, Collège Montmorency has been organizing Sustainable Development Week. However, this year’s event was canceled to limit the spread of COVID-19. Sustainable Development Week is an annual week-long event for students and employees of the college. This week-long event includes organized conferences, practical workshops and exhibits related eco-citizenship, environmental innovations, the local economy and community initiatives.

2. ImpAct Internships 

ImpAct Internships and the Career-Launcher Internships program

Increase your capacity to make an impact! Get up to $10,000 to hire youth to support your UN Sustainable Development Goal efforts!

Now more than ever, youth are taking their learning beyond the classroom and making a call to action by committing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through innovative solutions that drive critical change in society and the world.

If you are working on an SDG-aligned initiative and would like to involve youth (aged 18-30) in helping you advance the progress of your meaningful work, consider applying to the brand-new ImpAct Internships stream of the Career-Launcher Internships program.

CICan will fully cover the salary or participation fees, to a maximum of $10,000, for youth to become SDG ambassadors!

Simply visit our website to see if you meet our eligibility criteria. If you are an eligible employer, please submit your application through our online platform. You will find out if your internship or special initiative qualifies within two business days. It’s quick and easy!

Apply today!

3. SDG News from CICan

Webinar: Emerging best practices to embed the SDGs in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector to build back better

CICan will host the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFPC)’s upcoming webinar, Emerging best practices embedding the UN SDGs in the TVET sector. Please join us on August 27th at 8:30 am EST as our panelists from Canada, Kenya and Senegal share emerging best practices of how to integrate the UN SDGs in the TVET sector.

4. SDG Services

Virtual SDG presentation or roundtable

Is your institution interested in growing your understanding of and taking action to advance the SDGs? If so, Judi Varga-Toth, Manager, ImpAct Partnership Services at CICan, is offering to lead virtual presentations or roundtables. In her interactive sessions, she will facilitate dynamic discussions on the SDGs. She will be able to provide insightful examples related to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and 17 SDGs to inspire and enable your peers to scale up their social and environmental objectives or to drive an inclusion agenda. If you are interested, please send us an email at and we will be happy to work with you to make that happen.

5. SDG-related Webinar Recaps

Teaching, Learning and Integrating the SDGs at universities and beyond - Linking to the Decade of Action

As part of the UNITAR/UNDESA’s HLPF SDGs Learning, Training and Practice series, a webinar was co-hosted on Teaching, Learning and Integrating the SDGs at universities and beyond – Linking to the Decade of Action, of the 2020 SDGs Learning, Training and Practice, on July 13th. During the webinar, there was discussions on the future of higher education post-COVID-19 pandemic as well as how to implement the SDGs in higher education system both formally and informally. It was evident that there was a need for interdisciplinarity and student-led actions, and cross-departmental and sectoral collaboration to advance the SDGs. A recording of the webinar is now available.

6. SDG-related Activities

Yesterday was International Youth Day! We hope you had a chance to celebrate and honour the value of youth yesterday. The theme for this year’s International Youth Day was Youth Engagement for Global Action. Young people across our member institutions are engaging other young people at the local, national and global levels. How are you and/or your organization enabling and engaging youth to achieve global action?

How to Change the World’s Recovery Canada • August 2020 Program

If you are a recent graduate (within 5 years) with a strong desire to make a positive impact on the SDGs to support a sustainable social and economic recovery from COVID-19, apply to participate in How to Change the World’s Recovery Canada • August 2020 Program.

Don’t wait to apply to be part of the 200 students and recent graduates that will engage with a range of facilitators, partner organizations and experts to collaboratively learn and explore how you can mobilize your passions, knowledge and skills.

The event is taking place virtually from August 17 up to August 21. There are only 40 openings available!

Apply today

Ontario College and University Sustainability Professionals (OCUSP) lunch and learn: Taking the SDGs to the next level – On August 19th from 1pm to 2pm EST, OCUSP will host their next lunch and learn on MS Teams.  Trish O’Connor and Lindsay Walker will share how to take the SDGs to the next level in academic institutions. For more information, please email for more information.

UN75 Survey – Please support the UN SDG Action Campaign and the UN to build back better by answering a series of questions on the UN75 Survey. The results of the surveys will be shared with the General Assembly by the Secretary-General Guterres to inform roadmaps and strategies to help shape the future of global governance for the next 25 years.

Focus Group on Futures of Education – If you are interested in sharing your thoughts on how learning and knowledge can shape the future, Bridge 47 Network is inviting you to join their Focus Group on Futures of Education on September 2nd from 3:30pm to 5:30pm CET. The feedback from the Focus Group will be shared with UNESCO.

Recovery Projects – Future of Good is looking to map and tell stories of inspiring recovery projects that #BuildBackBetter for a thriving decade. Canada’s top 100 recovery

7. SDG Reads

#Separatedbutunited – Hope of a Better Future – The Board Members of the European Youth Forum shares a series of #Separatedbutunited – Hope of a Better Future short blog posts on building back better following the global coronavirus pandemic.

8. SDG Research and Reports

The World Youth Report: Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 AgendaThe World Youth Report: Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda demonstrates how youth social entrepreneurship can support the development of young people as well as contribute to the progress in the implementation of the SDGs. The report highlights the impact of youth social entrepreneurship when entrepreneurial ecosystems are aligned with the needs, characteristics, constraints and ambitions of youth.  CICan’s ImpAct working group on social entrepreneurship is working to scale up action to involve more students in this important area.

Global education monitoring report, 2020: Inclusion and education: all means all  Report – Education plays an important role in building more inclusive and democratic societies. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the closure of schools, has exacerbated the social and digital divides, placing those who are the most disadvantaged at risk of learning losses and dropping out. The Global education monitoring report, 2020: Inclusion and education: all means all  Report calls for action in rebuilding back more inclusive education systems to foster more resilient and equal societies in the future.

Virtual Work Is Here: A Guide for Youth – In response to the increase in the youth unemployment rate as a result of the pandemic, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity and the Tamarack Institute collaborate with a group of young people to develop Virtual Work Is Here: A Guide for Youth. The guide serves as a resource for young people who are seeking virtual work and how they can succeed in their new role. There is also information for employers and employment services related to hiring young people for a virtual workforce.

How Does Peer-Mentoring Contribute to Education for Sustainable Development? (in French) – Solidarité Laïque performed a survey and analysis from the exchanges between French teachers on teaching sustainable development as well as the UN SDGs. In How Does Peer-Mentoring Contribute to Education for Sustainable Development?, Solidarité Laïque highlighted 10 proposals to integrate sustainable development in the formal education system.