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Strengthening Institutions Serving the Russian Oil and Gas Industry

Russian Federation | Europe

Project Description

Colleges and Institues Canada (CICan) worked with Russia’s Ministry of Fuel and Energy (MOFE) to build capacity of technical institutions located in oil and gas producing areas in the country in order for these institutions to meet market demands. Following training needs assessments, CICan provided department heads and teachers of participating institutions with training in: (i) drilling, instrumentation, production technology, as well as health and safety and environment; (ii) other specialized training programs in oil and gas; (iii) strategic planning and marketing; and (iv) occupation-specifc language training. The technical institutions were also assisted in the area of curriculum development.

Start Date:

September 1, 1992

End Date:

March 31, 1994



Improve capacity of technical institutions in Russia’s oil and gas producing regions

Funded By

Department of External Affairs

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