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Partnerships for Tomorrow


Project Description

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) brought Canadian and Central and Eastern European (CEE) partners together to strengthen professional and institutional capacity in 28 CEE countries regarding democratic and economic reform. Specifically, CICan assisted with (i) maintaining the Partnerships for Tomorrow (PTP) website and database; (ii) marketing the program to a broad selection of potential Canadian and CEE partners; (iii) reviewing and selecting proposals; (iv) logistical support; (v) financial management; and (vi) reviewing reports. CICan’s participation in the CEE reform process also helped strengthen the expertise, capacity and awareness of Canadians.

Start Date:

February 1, 1999

End Date:

December 31, 2003



Enhance democratic and economic process in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries though reform

Funded By

Canadian International Development Agency

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