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Community Outreach through Institutional Linkages (COTIL)

South Sudan | Africa

Project Description

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) worked with various government and community partners in South Africa to strengthen and expand the capacity of vocational institutions to provide industry-relevant skills training and education to an increased number of students, particularly black students. Specifically, CICan assisted in the following areas: (i) bridging and special support programs; (ii) community outreach and continuing education; (iii) links with business and industry; (iv) vocational teacher training and staff development; (v) micro and small enterprise development; (vi) technology and business curriculum development; and (vii) career guidance and placement for students.

Start Date:

August 1, 1992

End Date:

July 31, 1996



Enhance the capacity of South African vocational institutions to respond to rapid social, political and economic changes, in a non-racial South Africa

Funded By

Canadian International Develpoment Agency

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