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Vancouver Island University (VIU) is home to more than 18,000 full and part-time students. This includes approximately 2,000 First Nations students – more than any other university in BC. Add to that 1,900 international students from 80 different countries and the mosaic that is VIU begins to take shape. By being responsive to demand and working directly with local industry and employers, VIU ensures that its graduates can seamlessly fill the needs of the high tech, business, health care, natural resource and construction sectors. With campuses in Nanaimo, Cowichan, Powell River and the Parksville-Qualicum Centre, VIU’s ability to offer higher learning opportunities has expanded across a wide range of disciplines. Through facilities such as the Deep Bay Marine Field Station for aquaculture; partnerships with First Nations and school districts to enhance community-based delivery; and the continued delivery of high quality trades training, VIU has established itself as a scientific and economic leader. By offering a diverse range of trades certificates, bachelors degrees across a wide range of programs and masters degrees in areas such as education, community planning, nursing, and the sciences; VIU has something for everyone.

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  • 91% of recent VIU bachelor graduates were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the education they received from their program.
  • 95% of recent bachelor graduates rated the quality of instruction in their program as “very good” or “good” at VIU.
  • 86% of recent VIU bachelor graduates are currently employed.
  • 87% of recent VIU bachelor graduates that are employed said the knowledge and skills they gained from their program is useful in performing their jobs.
  • 97% of recent VIU apprenticeship graduates are in the labour force.




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Contribuons à nos communautés

Thanks to active community involvement by students, a growing First Nations and international student population, and ongoing research activities across many disciplines; the social, cultural and environmental well-being of the regions VIU operates in continue to benefit. VIU was the first in BC to offer free tuition through the Youth in Care Tuition Waiver Program. There are now 54 young people enrolled at VIU who were formerly in care – a number that continues to grow every year. Another example is the Canada Learning Bond – a federal program designed to encourage low-income families to save for their children’s education. To encourage families to take advantage of this program, VIU started working family-to-family to encourage low-income families to start RESPs. Through its three campuses and one centre, VIU also plays a critical role in the social and cultural life of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. From small speakers’ series to large conferences, VIU hosts a wide range of events and facilitates community dialogue on a variety of subjects. As an impartial and knowledgeable leader in the social and cultural life of the community, VIU continues to have a large impact on the communities and regions it serves.

Encourageons le succès des étudiants

The VIU World University of Service (WUSC) of Canada is a non-profit organization best known for giving refugees the opportunity to come and study in Canada. The VIU local WUSC committee has been active since 2009. Through their fundraising efforts, the committee has successfully provided social and financial support to two international refugee students each year.

Another key way of fostering success is through scholarships. It’s well known that scholarships relieve some of the financial burden of going to school and help students have more time to focus on their studies. In 2015, 1,650 scholarships totaling almost $1.5 million was awarded to VIU students.

Furthering VIU’s commitment to experiential learning outside of the classroom, the Research and Scholarly Activity Department offers extensive community-based research opportunities in a wide range of social, scientific, environmental and health based projects. By taking advantage of these opportunities students build a professional resume, gain invaluable practical knowledge, and develop a network of contacts all before they graduate.

Appuyons les étudiants autochtones

Vancouver Island University is proud of the fact it has more First Nations students than any other university in British Columbia – not just as a percentage – more First Nations students than universities with twice or even five times VIU’s enrolment. At the ‘Su’luqw’a’ Community Cousins Aboriginal Mentorship Program, Aboriginal students have a space to lift each other up, celebrate culture, and strengthen community on campus. The goals and objectives of the program are to increase access and retention of Aboriginal students by improving communication and connection between students, Elders, and the rest of the VIU community. The mentorship program invites all Aboriginal students to participate in mentorship training with the purpose of developing leadership skills and building community. Mentors assist incoming students to successfully transition into post-secondary. The Aboriginal mentorship program includes an Elder-in-residence that provides guidance and support to the mentors.

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