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Designing Energy Efficiency Projects for BPS Institutions


Join the Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk for a three-day energy efficiency workshop aimed at building and applying fundamental energy management concepts in a work environment.

The Centre is partnering with Stephen Dixon to support and expand energy and carbon knowledge, gain experience modelling energy projects, and build confidence in energy and emissions reductions communication skills.

Participants can choose to attend 1, 2, or 3 days.

Day 1: Energy Management and Carbon Pricing Essentials

Develop an understanding of energy management fundamentals, including; what energy is, energy sources and availability, examples of successful energy efficiency and renewable projects, a utility bill breakdown, greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use, and an overview of the newly implemented carbon tax.

Day 2: RETScreen Expert Basics

Built off components of the Dollars to $ense workshop series, participants will learn to navigate RETScreen Expert software to determine the financial, energy, and carbon ROI of energy efficiency and renewable projects. Day 2 to be delivered by Stephen Dixon of Knowenergy and is meant for those new to RETScreen Expert and energy management.

Day 3: Dollars to $ense Energy Management

Learn how to communicate the business case for energy conservation and renewable energy projects as well as tactics to build staff engagement. Delivered by Stephen Dixon of Knowenergy.

This event will be held at Mohawk College’s Awareness Theatre at our the Stoney Creek campus.

Course fees for Day 2 and 3 are subsidized through the IESO Save on Energy Training and Support Incentive Program.