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The Role of Community Colleges in Skills Development: Lessons from the Canadian Experience in Developing Asia

The Asian Development Bank officially launched its new publication on the lessons to be learned by Asian countries from the Canadian college and institute experiences on Tuesday‎ December 1st at ADB Headquarters in Manila.

The launch was made by the Senior Advisor on Education at the Bank, Mr Brajesh Panth, at the Annual ADB International Forum‎ on Skills, where CICan also presented on how to drive quality improvements by outcome measurements, and how to integrate entrepreneurship within technical curriculum.

In light of the growing engagement of CICan and it's member institutions in supporting the improvement of college and institute systems in many countries of Asia, and the relative lack of research available on the Canadian system, the ADB hired Dr Blagovesta Maneva-Sleyman to undertake a research piece that described the Canadian system. It also looks at our work in China on leadership development and in Brazil on facilitating access to training by marginalized women.

The booklet is available online ‎here, or in hard copy by ordering from the Bank.

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Last Updated: January 5, 2016