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The Managerial Roles of Academic Deans in Ontario

Abstract: This thesis examines the managerial roles of the academic deans in Canadian universities, particularly in the province of Ontario. It is important to study the roles of the academic deans since they are pivotal to any higher education institution’s success. Research indicates that organizational performances are very much influenced by what happens in the middle of organizations rather than at the top. (Currie and Procter, 2005) As middle managers, deans are compelled to manage both people and results, while providing vital links to the organization when translating top-level directives of the upper management – president, vice-president academic etc. - into operational plans that need to be understood and implemented by the departmental chairs and program coordinators. Understanding the roles of the academic deans within the context of new public management ideologies will help to increase our understanding about how universities are run and what challenges are presently being faced. The study involved participants from 15 Ontario universities. An online survey has been used in order to collect the data. The response rate was 39%, 41 academic deans out of 105 provided their input between May –July 2009. The data collected was subjected to a quantitative analysis which included descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. The findings confirmed the fact that the role of the academic dean has become more managerial in nature as Canadian universities are moving more towards a managed professional public organization model.

Author: Laurentiu David

Source: University of Toronto - TSpace

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Last Updated: August 4, 2015