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Registered apprenticeship training programs, 2013

The provinces and territories reported 469,680 registrations in apprenticeship programs in Canada in 2013. Of these, more than three-quarters were apprentices continuing their programs from the previous year (already registered), about one-fifth were new registrations in 2013, and the remainder were people reinstated in a specific trade over that year. The majority of registrations (77.3%) were in apprenticeship programs where the associated trade had a Red Seal designation at the Canada level. Already registered apprentices in trades with the Red Seal designation accounted for 6 in 10 registrations. About 15% were new registrations in Red Seal designated trades, and 1.5% were reinstatements (apprentices who had left an apprenticeship program in a previous year and had returned to the same program during the current reporting period). By comparison, 22.7% of all registrations were in trades without Red Seal designation. Of these, 17.2% were apprentices who were already registered in the apprenticeship program the previous year, while 5.4% were new registrations in 2013.

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Last Updated: December 3, 2015