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Online ES Enhancement for the Construction Trades (Case Study)

Saskatchewan's residential construction industry faces a high demand for skilled trade people. Training is required for those seeking entry-level employment and also needed to enhance the skills of current workers for upward mobility in their careers paths.

Industries rely on highly skilled workers to ensure quality, safety and efficiency on the job site. Essential skills enhancement provides workers with the tools necessary to increase their foundational skills which link to increased participation, improved self-confidence, enhanced worker engagement and improved team performance.

The number of workers with the necessary skills to meet employer expectations is in short supply.

After raising the awareness on Essential Skills, The Canadian Home Builders Association-Saskatchewan with the collaboration of Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology recruited 102 workers. Seventy of those workers received professional assessment debriefings and ES training. After completion, some skill level increases were recorded among workers. The case study reveals the challenges encountered by the SIAS team in providing ES training on site.

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Last Updated: June 17, 2015