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Human Resources Programming and its Impact on Leadership within Governing Boards of Ontario Community Colleges

Abstract: This study investigated the direct experiences and preferences of Ontario community college board members and board secretaries to determine how specific programming related to governor recruitment, selection, training and performance evaluation assisted, or may contribute to, governance and leadership experiences during their term in office. These experiences and viewpoints were referenced against the scholarly literature in the domains of contemporary human resources management as well as board governance and leadership. Particular attention was paid to two recent models developed by Leblanc and Gillies (2005) and Chait, Ryan and Taylor (2005) which focus attention on desired leadership and governance practices in not-for-profit institutional settings. Two principal research groups, including college governors and board secretaries, at twenty-two provincial community colleges were invited to complete separate on-line questionnaires which addressed their experiences in four specific human resources management program areas as well as their preferences for how such activities should be carried out. Trends in survey results for both groups were then explored via telephone interviews with five board leaders at community colleges that had participated in the on-line surveys. The results of the study identified several areas where Ontario community colleges utilized contemporary human resources management processes in dealing with members of their boards of governors. The research results also confirmed opportunities for strengthening certain board management practices, through the sharing of expertise with the college’s human resources staff or with the assistance of third party expertise, to strengthen the individual and collective leadership of those serving in governing roles at these higher education institutions.

Author: Gary Lawrence Gannon

Source: University of Toronto - TSpace

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Last Updated: August 4, 2015