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Essentially Ready (Case Study)

Literacy research has shown that post-secondary students often do not have the Essential Skills (ES) necessary to be successful in school and work. The National Framework Project provided Conestoga College with an opportunity to provide ES upskilling to post-secondary students to equip them with skills for workplace success.

Students in three programs, selected for their close relationship to the labour market, participated in self-directed upskilling, customized to students' programs and career goals. A total of 350 participants were invited to participate in the project with 26 becoming early adopters of the program.

Overall, the results of the program were very positive. All the participants that took part in the entire program experienced skill gain in at least two of the three skills of document use, reading text and numeracy. When means were examined, skill gain was seen across all participants in all three Essential Skills from pre-test to post-test.

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Last Updated: June 17, 2015