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An Examination of the Role of Student Loan-debt Nexus in First Generation Female Students’ Lives: A Case Study at One Canadian University Campus

Abstract: Paying back student loans is a challenge for many Canadians. Seven female students who belong to the category of the first generation group shared their experience of student loan-debt. Since the amount of financial support is limited or unavailable, student loans are an option for those families who cannot provide financial support for their children to participate in higher education. This thesis deploys the experience of first generation women student loan borrowers as a part of the growing role of finances in higher education. It examines their stories of negotiation and challenges from the perspective of feminist social enquiry. Participants shared their present situation, future planning, and overall experience of taking student loans. Above all, this study attempts to explore those aspects of life of first generation females which are affected through the process of repaying student loans.

Author: Rozalina Omar

Source: University of Toronto - TSpace

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Last Updated: August 4, 2015