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Webinar: Ideal Immigrants: Supporting International Student Transitions to Permanent Residency
Oct 3rd, 2018


International students are widely seen to be an ideal source of skilled immigrants. In fact, recent IRCC policy changes designed to ease the transition from study permit holder to permanent resident, including the introduction of additional Express Entry points for having completed post-secondary education in Canada, have coincided with a surge in the overall population of international students in Canada. At the end of 2017, over 493,000 individuals held a valid study permit and another 114,000 a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit. However, throughout 2017, just over 9,400 new permanent residents had previously held a study permit in Canada – a figure that has increased, albeit relatively slowly in recent years.

Though several factors play into an individual’s decision on whether to work and stay in Canada post-graduation, those typically deemed to be most important relate to social and economic integration. According to a recent report released by CBIE, 59% percent of study permit holders who expressed plans to apply for permanent residency expected to receive institutional help to make the transition. Moreover, it was determined that study permit holders attending a college or institute were more likely to express an intention to apply for permanent residency than those attending university.

With this in mind, participants can look forward to gaining insight into important questions, such as:

  • What are Canada’s colleges and institutes doing to support newcomers to Canada and how can they best support international students throughout the various stages of their integration process?
  • What can individual institutions do to promote social integration, to help students develop a sense of community and to provide guidance and support through the various pressure points from arrival to settlement?
  • How can institutions engage with local employers, promote economic opportunities for students and what does a comprehensive regional approach to retention look like?

CICan is pleased to present a panel of experts who will delve into these questions and more:

Holly Skelton is the Director of the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP), an initiative of CICan funded by IRCC. CIIP, a pre-arrival program, is available to eligible economic and family class immigrants while still overseas and covers both social and economic integration topics. The program has a broad network of Canada-based partners including other IRCC funded pre-arrival services, settlement organizations, provincial ministries of immigration, professional associations, sector councils and CICan member institutions.

Patrick Sullivan is the Manager of International Programs & Services and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In addition to writing extensively on the topic, Patrick works closely with international students on campus and overseas various initiatives designed to promote international student transitions to permanent residency.

Wendy Luther is the President & CEO of Edu-Nova a co-operative industry association of education and training providers in Nova Scotia, Canada. Edu-Nova delivers the Study and Stay program, an international student attraction and retention program with a strong focus on connecting participants to employers. The program has recently been extended to include all Atlantic Provinces.

To Register: Please contact Pam Hedderson ( by Friday, September 28, 2018 with the names, titles and e-mail addresses of those who will participate. This webinar is offered exclusively to CICan members institutions.

Questions: Please contact Andrew Champagne, ( or 613 746 2222 ext. 3190.

Oct 3rd, 2018
15:30 pm - 17:00 pm
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613 746 2222 ext. 3190
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