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CICAN Virtual Marketing and Recruitment Mission: Southeast Asia
Jan 11 - 19th, 2022


This Virtual Mission has been created specifically for Canadian colleges and institutes and provides a superb and cost-effective opportunity to develop and strengthen partnerships with key decision makers in carefully selected top-quality agencies.

As we begin to further shape our event, we request two submissions. They are:

  1. We seek your input and ask that you complete our Southeast Asia Engagement survey by September 2nd to indicate additional events of interest, priorities, and any specific information around institutional goals.
  2. Please complete the institutional profile form with finalized text for the event catalogue by September 15th.

Current Proposed Event Itinerary*:

  • January 10th Market Seminar
  • January 11-12 –Vietnam & Thailand
  • January 18-19 – Indonesia & the Philippines

The event will follow an “everyone meets everyone” format and the 40 one-on-one meetings will be spread over four days (10 meetings per day). The meetings will last 25 minutes, with 5-minute gaps allowed between them.

Sample daily schedule (EST time zone):

  • 19:45 – 20:00 Welcome briefing
  • 20:00 – 22:30 Pre-scheduled one-on-one business meetings
  • 22:30 – 22:45 Break (suggested)
  • 22:45 – 01:15 Pre-scheduled one-on-one business meetings
  • 01:15 – 01:30 Closing remarks

*Itinerary subject to change.
*Start at 4:45 pm, end at 10:30 pm PST.

For event information, please contact:

Kiley Fithen
Senior Project Officer, International Marketing and Recruitment

Event organized in cooperation with:

Jan 11 - 19th, 2022
01:45 am - 07:30 am