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Social and Economic Impacts

Colleges and institutes make vital contributions to Canada’s economic and social development. Through the provision of market-ready skills, they ensure that graduates have access to meaningful and rewarding career opportunities. In so doing, they support a strong and growing middle-class, stimulate social cohesion, income growth and distribution.

Applied skills training – and the related research activities that surround such programs – is also an important source of innovation and entrepreneurship. CICan member institutions host more than 400 specialized research centres and labs, and maintain thousands of active research partnerships with employers and other stakeholder groups.

Through this extensive network of research and training links with industry, Canada’s colleges and institutes support innovation and development in a number of key economic sectors.

The vast majority of Canadian institutions also have active support programs for student entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial skills training is widely integrated across college and institute curricula.

Overall, the economic impact of Canada’s colleges and institutes is measured in the hundred of billions of dollars annually, largely on the basis of the documented increases in earning potential and employment rates of graduates.

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