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2020 Art Showcase

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is pleased to present the 2020 Art Showcase winners.  This year, the Art Committee received nearly 225 submissions from college and institute students all over the country and after much thought selected a winner from 6 different categories. They are:

Digital Illustration

Witch Garden
Calvin Ching  |  Holland College

My client was a shy pattern maker. I was asked to make a portrait of this man. He is a believer in the occult and he surrounds himself with plants while he works. Portrait of a working man.


Who Am I?
Zia Foley  |  Centennial College

Conte on Black Illustration Board, 16 x 20 in., 2019. Half frog half human, it looks into the water, witnessing the life cycle of the frog, it wonders where its place is in it all.


You Are More
Anne Kim  |  Centennial College

A representation of how we reflect the things that surround us. We are made up of our circumstances but not defined by them. We can choose to create beauty in brokenness and find peace in imperfection.


Life of a Lemonade Stand
Raul Caro Jr |  Assiniboine Community College

This piece depicts a lemonade stand during different times of the day at the Manitoba Summer Fair in Brandon, Manitoba on June 9th of 2019.


Teighan Fleming |  Assiniboine Community College

This piece proves that print is still a practiced art form, even with the growing web industry. It features “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”, and posters of Moulin Rouge and the 1933 Monaco Grand Prix.

Mixed Media

Damien Avajon |  Cégep du Vieux-Montréal

It is a weaving composed of a natural color linen warp and the weft is a mono knitting yarn filament and a blue thread 50% linen 50% cotton. I did an intervention on warp to create an organic movement