St. Lawrence River Clay Becomes Natural Soap
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St. Lawrence River Clay Becomes Natural Soap

Cégep de Thetford, Québec

An innovative company in Baie Comeau, Quebec is developing health care products from marine clay found along the Manicouagan peninsula.

A research project undertaken in partnership with Cégep de Thetford’s research centre and pilot factory, OLEOTEK, has refined the company’s formula to make clay-based liquid soaps. Using small scale industrial processes developed during the project, Argile Eau-mer introduced two new liquid soaps to the market in the summer of 2013.

Ecologically extracting and processing marine clay from a deposit located on Québec’s Manicouagan Peninsula, Argile Eau-mer intends to continue working with OLEOTEK to improve their products and create new marketable products. A Cégep de Thetford student worked as an intern at OLEOTEK in 2013 learning soap making and stability verification, and acquiring practical formulation techniques not generally part of college-level curricula.

Funding: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant
Partners: Argile Eau-mer and CEDFOB

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