Oilseeds to Environmentally Friendly Bioproducts
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Oilseeds to Environmentally Friendly Bioproducts

Cégep de Thetford, Québec

Cégep de Thetford and its Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en oléochimie industrielle (OLEOTEK) operate a pilot factory and sophisticated processing equipment for applied research into oilseed use in industrial applications to produce technical materials and fluids.

OLEOTEK develops new oils with a biosourced functionalized base for Elevance Renewable Sciences, a company that processes renewable materials into a wide variety of bio-products including performance waxes, detergents, cleaners, and solvents. The project is in a pilot stage of development with the goal of knowledge transfer to industry.

Funding received from an Applied Research Tool and Instruments grant led to the recent acquisition of specialized filtering equipment for OLEOTEK’s pilot factory. The research centre’s unique services will up-scale chemical processes developed in the lab, manufacture up to multi-ton batches, and develop new techniques. This equipment has been used in several recent projects, including developing new biopolymers, using microalgae, up-scaling manufacturing processes of monomers, extracting from bark, and developing new bio-sourced biosurfactants. These projects have been carried out for private businesses or institutions wanting to test their products or processes for pre-market improvement.

Students training in the chemistry, plastics and mechanics departments of the Cégep de Thetford have opportunities for hands-on experience for thesis work at the centre. Five Cégep de Thetford professors and many students have participated in OLEOTEK projects to date.

OLEOTEK has also been working in regioselective enzymatic and chemical oxidation of oilseed for long-term high-performance polymer production since 2012 in partnership with Unversité Laval. A Cégep de Thetford professor has been involved in this project from its inception and student participants are able to follow the processing procedures in the pilot laboratory and receive training in the ever-expanding industrial bioproducts field.

Funding: Applied Research Tools and Instruments (ARTI) Grant, College-University Idea to Innovation (CU-I2I) Grant, Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grant
Partners: Elevance Renewable Sciences

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