Growing Microalgae for Biofuel
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Growing Microalgae for Biofuel

Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia

Green algae harvested from Nova Scotia shores are being used by a local entrepreneur to produce biofuel for industrial use. And Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) is helping him refine his process.

SabrTech is a Nova Scotia-based company using microalgae to design the next generation of biofuel, animal feed, and bioremediation. The company has partnered with NSCC and Acadia University to complete prototyping and optimize production of their algal biomass in a real world setting. The research team identified non-invasive and continuous quality assessment of algae as a key for achieving an optimum rate of production during microalgae cultivation. NSCC research provided a roadmap for designing an in-situ monitoring device to assess the maturity of the algal biomass for biofuel extraction.

NSCC students played a direct role, gaining technical skills in microalgae cultivation in varied growth conditions. The project results could significantly contribute to Canada’s economy and reduce the environmental impacts of using fossil fuels by helping develop a sustainable biofuel and bringing Canada into a leading position in global micro-algal markets.

Mather Carscallen, President & CEO of SabrTech Inc., says “Working with the NSCC yielded not only positive results for our project, but additional unexpected findings that will help us advance our technology in the years to come.”

Funding: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant
Partners: SabrTech Inc.

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