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Easier video surveillance

Durham College, Ontario

Lanoptic Video Solutions Inc. designs, sells and supports digital video devices for security and surveillance. It recently developed a system for installing digital video cameras that combines the mounting system with tools and a fastener. Called Novattach, the system makes cameras much simpler and faster to install than traditional methods.

Lanoptic, however, wanted to reduce the device’s overall cost without affecting its functionality and turned to researchers and students at Durham College for help, with a goal of ultimately creating a family of engineered solutions.

Two students from the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program worked on this project, creating designs for the mounting bracket and 3-D printing the prototypes. The students involved got to use the latest manufacturing technology, as well as developing a broad range of skills, from project planning and management, prototyping, researching material, sourcing components and choosing suppliers. They also had to make presentations, collaborate and manage conflict — all increasing their likelihood of being hired quickly after graduation.

The project was a key step towards the commercialization of Novattach as a highly competitive product. The new mounting bracket enabled Lanoptic to capture 10 per cent of the digital camera installation business in its first year. The company expects to get more orders, expand into new markets, and bring manufacturing of the product to Canada, creating jobs and a positive economic impact.

Funding: College and Community Innovation Program, Engage Grant, NSERC
Partners: Lanoptic Video Solutions Inc.

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