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Advanced Materials

Cégep de Thetford, Québec

The Cégep de Thetford’s Industrial Research Chair for Advanced Materials focuses on manufacturing polymer and nano-object nano-composites according to industry processes.

Current research, led by Dr. Philippe Bébin, focuses on how to control the organization of nanometric components to obtain new levels of performance using traditional materials. To do this, the research team is working to control interfaces and adjust manufacturing processes. The chemistry and physical chemistry of different components’ surfaces can be modified to allow a specific structure of material to be selected for certain desired end qualities.

The Research Chair is located at the Cégep’s Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie (CTMP), a College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) specializing in thermoplastics and composite implementation, and mineralogical upgrading and extraction. Dr. Bébin’s focus on advanced materials broadens the expertise of these two sectors by introducing the new dimension of the nanometre. Working on this scale with both mineral loads and polymer matrices calls for the use of new techniques and the development of new expertise. Spearheaded by Dr. Bébin, this new dimension creates opportunities for the centre and expands its capabilities in innovation in the materials field.

The sub-micronic world fascinates and intrigues both cégep students and their professors. This interest spurs a high level of involvement in the research projects. The industrial challenges allow researchers to realize that nanomaterials are no longer confined to research laboratories. In addition to becoming an industrial reality, they are more and more the source of companies’ improved performance.

The orientation towards increasingly technological materials responds to the growing desire of the centre’s business partners to acquire advantages that will help them remain competitive in their markets. The field of nano-composites holds much promise; however there are major challenges in manufacturing them cost-effectively on an industrial scale.

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