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November 1, 2016

CICan barnstorms innovation and science consultations, releases economic impact study

This article was first published in the October 27, 2016  issue of Research Money. For more information, or to subscribe, go to   Colleges and their graduates are estimated to have contributed more than $190 billion in added income to the Canadian economy in FY14-15 or 12.7% of GDP and are seeking additional support for their research and innovation activities to boost contributions even further. Colleges and Institutes Canada made their case in submissions to both the Innovation Agenda and Fundamental Science Review panels. CICan is advocating for a streamlined mechanism for federal funding to colleges and polytechnics, ramped up... Read more
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May 30, 2016

2015-2016 Annual Report

After another busy year, marked by the election of a new government and renewed advocacy efforts, CICan is happy to present its Annual Report 2015-2016, highlighting progress in priority areas identified by our members. Click here to view our online annual report.
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