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May 13, 2020

Leveraging international education for a globally connected and prosperous Canada

This joint op-ed with Universities Canada was originally published in iPolitics on May 11, 2020.   Canadians understand the importance of welcoming individuals from all around the world to our country.  Canada is a desirable destination for trade, travel, study and immigration. We know that our prosperity and international competitiveness rely on being open to people and opportunity from every corner of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis without modern equivalent. The actions Canada takes post-emergency can set the foundation for a sustainable growth and recovery with global opportunity in mind. We believe that Canada’s colleges and... Read more
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November 22, 2019

Support collaboration to give Canadian innovation a boost

This op-ed was originally published in Research Money's 2019 issue of Applied Research Comes of Age.   In our country of small businesses, where over 99% of companies are considered small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), collaboration is often the key to growth and innovation. It’s what spurs ingenuity, helping a business to punch above its weight. But Canada needs more and that requires sustained support for innovative partnerships. Fostering collaboration in all sectors of the economy is a major strength of colleges, polytechnics and institutes. All across the country, they are sought-after partners for SMEs and community stakeholders looking to... Read more
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December 6, 2018

The new applied research trailblazers

This op-ed was initially published in Canadian Innovation News.   This fall, Colleges and institutes Canada (CICan) hosted its latest Applied research symposium in Ottawa, which was a wonderful opportunity to hear from experts and leaders in research from across the country, but perhaps most importantly, from students. This event has proved the perfect opportunity to present a national Student Innovation Showcase on Parliament Hill, and every year, high profile guests are amazed by the depth and scope of the projects on display. From exploring new sources of biofuels and creating new community engagement tools for police officers using video... Read more
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August 21, 2018

Training will be key to the success of the emerging Cannabis industry

  This op-ed was originally published on the Canadian Science Policy Centres website.   It’s official. On October 17, Canada will become just the second country in the world to fully legalize the recreational use and possession of cannabis. As provinces and territories hurry to tackle the new regulatory frameworks required to ensure public safety, we are witnessing a historic moment – the emergence of a brand-new sector of the economy. The opportunity to observe a new industry take shape so quickly is unprecedented in my memory. Companies across the country, both new and long-established, are ramping up to meet... Read more
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February 23, 2018

The New ‘When And How’ Of Learning

This op-ed was originally published in the Globe and Mail on February 23, 2018.   A few weeks ago, Amazon opened the first checkout-free convenience store, ushering in a future without lineups to pay, but also without cashiers. And just like that, one more occupation was added to the growing list of jobs at risk of disappearing because of new technology. In fact, according to the federal government's Advisory Council on Economic Growth, nearly 50 per cent of the paid work currently performed in Canada could be automated by current or forthcoming technology. Faced with such rapid and profound disruptions,... Read more
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November 22, 2017

Applied research: time to move beyond pilot projects

This op-ed was originally published in the Hill Times.   When Ottawa-based entrepreneur Ke Wang had the brilliant idea of using his smartphone to control certain tasks on his power wheelchair, and therefore regain some of his autonomy, he knew he needed support to bring his innovative concept to reality. Like a growing number of entrepreneurs and small-business owners, he turned to his local college to help perfect his prototype. With the help of researchers and students from Algonquin College, he was able to refine the software and hardware required to create SmartChair and bring it to market. Colleges, cégeps,... Read more
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July 6, 2017

The federal government’s $221-million investment into innovation internships must include colleges and polytechnics

This op-ed was initially published in the Hill Times on June 21, 2017   When parliamentarians return to their ridings for the summer recess, they will have many opportunities to congratulate this spring’s crop of post-secondary graduates, proud of their achievements and eager to take their place in the workforce. Students with a credential from one of Canada’s colleges, institutes, or polytechnics—be it a diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate certificate—have plenty to offer prospective employers. Their skills have been honed in programs designed explicitly to meet industry needs and in educational settings that prioritize hands-on experience and exposure to... Read more
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