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Canadian Armed Forces – Accreditation, Certification, Equivalency Program

Fast Facts

  • 103 colleges and institutes have recognized programs in the CAF-ACE directory.
  • 167 programs are recognized in CAF-ACE.
  • 21 CAF training requirements active in CAF-ACE for equivalency review.
  • Thousands of veterans each year transition from the CAF to civilian life and need to identify equivalency of their CAF training for employment or further education outside the CAF.

Funded By

Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

Many colleges and institutes offer programs that closely align with the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) training requirements.

The Canadian Armed Forces – Accreditation, Certification, Equivalency (CAF-ACE) Program evaluates how colleges and institutes’ training programs align with CAF training.

Join the 103 colleges and institutes with recognized programs in the CAF-ACE directory.

Submit today your related programs for CAF-ACE recognition.

Benefits to colleges and institutes:

  • Advanced standing for your college graduates in the CAF.
  • Additional, viable employment avenues for your graduates in their field of study.
  • Brand recognition in your community as a recognized provider of education that meet CAF training requirements.
  • New learning pathways for CAF members transitioning to civilian work.

Benefits to students enrolled in a CAF-ACE recognized programs:

In the spotlight

Imagery technician

The CAF-ACE program is currently looking to review programs that meet the training requirements for imagery technicians.

A Canadian Armed Forces Imagery Technician captures video at Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania

If you have a passion for video, photography and journalism and a yearning to be inside the story, then a career as an Image Tech in the Canadian Forces may be a perfect fit for you.” — Corporal Evan Kuelz, Imagery Technician, Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre