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Colleges and Institutes are the advanced skills educators of choice. They operate on the leading edge of skills identification, economic trends, and market shifts to provide hands on training to over 1.5 million learners across Canada.

Canada’s colleges and institutes are an important part of the Canadian innovation system, equipping graduates with the skills and experience needed to build meaningful careers.

They offer:


Career-oriented approaches

A career-oriented approach allowing college graduates to transition to employment quickly and effectively: over 90% are working within 6 months


Links to business and industry

A close link to business and industry, working together to determine the skills and knowledge required for success in their fields.


Growth and entrepreneurship

A supportive environment for business growth and entrepreneurship by supplying graduates with advanced skills and a customized education.


Applied Research

State-of-the-art applied research that meets the needs of business and industry, especially small and medium sized enterprises, the source of 70% of new jobs.


International Opportunities

International opportunities for students, faculty and staff thanks to student mobility agreements and international development projects.



Access to post-secondary education for Canadians of all backgrounds and abilities including for students in rural, remote and indigenous communities.


Cutting edge technology

Along with research and programs that are tailored to meet the demands of today’s most important careers.


Diverse credentials

Ranging from certificates to bachelor’s degrees, and apprenticeship training to post-graduate diplomas, including pathways to partner universities, colleges and institutes.


International Recognition

High academic standards and a focus on quality to ensure internationally recognized degrees diplomas and certificates that launch and redefine careers.


Supportive Environments

High-quality, supportive academic and social environments at institutions that reflect Canada’s cultural diversity.