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Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability

In November of 2007, Colleges and Institutes Canada (then ACCC) held a Symposium on Environmental Sustainability. The goal of the event was to provide member institution leaders with an opportunity to share best practices on incorporating sustainability principles in vision statements, missions, core values, strategic plans, priorities, policies, operations, procurement strategies and ethical investments. They also discussed ways of encouraging staff and students to become eco-conscious citizens and agents of change in their communities. The Symposium highlighted how member institutions have established partnerships with other institutions, businesses and communities to make them socially vibrant, economically secure and environmentally sustainable.

One of the recommendations made by symposium participants was that Colleges and Institutes Canada launch an initiative that would encourage colleges and institutes to formalize their commitments and efforts to sustainability.

A consultation process resulted in the development and adoption of a Pan Canadian Protocol for Sustainability that member institutions would be invited to support.

Signatories to the Protocol agree to provide leadership in their internal and external communities and to maximize their contribution to a sustainable future. The Protocol is broad in scope in order to enable institutions to develop policies and practices consistent with their capabilities. It is reasonably expected that the implementation of this Protocol will vary from institution to institution.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2016